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Surface Solutions
Surface Solutions

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  • Drug Delivery

    Sustained Release/Drug Attachment Technology

    Sustained drug attachment and release therapies provide a framework to release therapeutic agents over an extended time period from a medical device.

    One-step application of complex

    #1 is a surface, #2 is an optional hydrophillic polymer, #3 are clevable linkages, #4 is an anchor provided by reactive polymer chains in the complex and #5 is an embedded and exposed bioactive material.

    puzzle.gif (1038 bytes)

    Two-step application of a complex

    #1 is a surface, #2 is a layer of a reactive anchor containing linker moiety or a linker moiety alone over reactive surface, #3 is a cleavable linkage and #4 is a bioactive material.

    puzzle.gif (1038 bytes)


    • Therapeutic agents are released locally from devices to provide maximum benefit where the treatment is most needed.
    • Release rate and time period are customized to optimize the clinical benefit.
    • Optimized, site-specific dosages are administered without adverse effects common to systemic treatments.


    Off the shelf:

    • Antithrombogenic
    • Antimicrobial
    • Analgesics
    • Vitamin/antioxidative
    • Antiproliferative
    • Angiogenesis
    • Antiangiogenesis factors


    Your protein/gene therapy for:

    • Cell growth regulation
    • Immune response regulation
    • Skin/organ tissue
    • Vascular/coronary
    • Cancer treatments
    • Bone/cartilage/dental
    • Neural/ocular system

    Let your imagination find the limits

    Some Generic Examples




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